"Do u noe there's undertaking courses in University?"

yea n dis is wat mr yip told us ..

i don't ever thk tat i'll learn o try it in my life

i'll hv a shaky hands n feet when i saw smt died in front me ( bt nt mosquito... )

bt 2day wat i've saw reli shock me ~

oh gosh ~~ ><

2day's my 1st day 2 work at de shop near wanhua there

n i'll b there d whole week b4 CNY

when my uncle was parking his car

n i saw smt reli gigantic was lying in de grassy land beside d shop

" my god izit tiger??? "

yea i admit it's stupid ...

bt de bloated "thing" r reli disgusting

n v noe tat its an animal

when v getting nearer

"oh gosh d cat is rotten ... " my uncle said

after open de shop's door

both of us were thk-ing d bez way 2 "take" it away

guess y?

bcoz de stench was carrying by de wind ~~

MY GOD ...

d customers will go N SO DO US ...

"AHA ! I gt an idea ~"

my uncle was trying 2 find ANY ppl tat willing 2 dig a hole 2 burry it

i mean anyone pass in front de shop

n dis is de time 2 show de power of money LOL

RM10 2 burry it

yea ur rite

he cnt find anyone ><

n finally he decided 2 borrow a super duper big "cangkul"

digging de ground under 11am+ sun

n a malay came 2 speak wif him

"uncle mu dah tua, jangan susah susah lagi, cari plastik bawa pergi saja la.."

it was a GREAT idea ..@@

"hw com ur nt de one hu carry it away??" i mumbled myself ...

v found a big rubbish bag n a rope

yea, v wana "lift" de corpse up n put it in de plastic bag

v tied a knot on de rope, n slowly, steadily hold our breathe when v moving towards de "tiger"

OH .. MY .. GOD ..

de body of de cat is bloated

flies r everywhere, eyes, mouth, body ...

de moz terrible things is

de flies r flying when v getting closer

dey "eat" us after "eating" de cat ~~

tat moment i was like "HOLY DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ... "

d stench is squeezing into my nose


n i've took a DEEP BREATHE ~~



"volcano" in my stomach omoz errupted ... ==''

again n again ..

finally v've 'throw' d 10kg's cat into d plastic, tied it, n take it 2 rubbish bin ...

pheeeeeeeeeeeeeew ...

2day's lunch is my fav. food : chicken rice

bt d smell, d disgusting look ... @@

n my apetite was fallen 2 de ground ... ><

oh my god i hope i've a nice dream 2day ...

no more cats, tigers, flies, magget, n d smell ...


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  • v2lentineday
  • lol ..
    the last sentence it the most funny part ...
    but you still have to remember you will be lucky this whole year because you just save their relatives ...
  • lol which sentence??
    yaya, bt no nez time pls ...><''

    jimmy92ho 於 2010/02/09 00:03 回覆

  • Jz92
  • The cat 10kg??reli boh??like tiger liao lo..haha~
  • lol coz when it die, d corpse will b heavier a bit de ..
    10kg i guess oni LOL ...

    jimmy92ho 於 2010/02/09 00:04 回覆

  • xhfish
  • 有没有戴口罩?有没有穿手套?有没有消毒你的手??
    你写臭味我就想到细菌 你写血我就想到细菌
  • no mask, no gloves, no 'detol' LOL ~~
    wah, miss zaleha so much ah? WAKAKA ...

    jimmy92ho 於 2010/02/09 00:06 回覆

  • xhfish
  • geli lo....
    hey excuse me..tat is 伟大 ok...
  • under my limit lo, bt itz better den xiu kiong LOL ~~
    haha okok wei da de ai ren LOL ...

    jimmy92ho 於 2010/02/09 18:49 回覆

  • shaxa
  • 哈哈!!
  • lol i shud take d pics of d "tiger", will affect ur apetite few days lol ...

    jimmy92ho 於 2010/02/10 00:13 回覆